“ ….    I am the lizard king

           I can do anything

           We came down

           The rivers and highways

           We came down from

           Forests and falls …. ”

              These are fragments of what we knew and had discovered a long time ago, and at the right time came back from far away in the mind and revealed itself from the subconscious giving inspiration for a name. It's a fragment from Jim Morrison's song "The celebration of the lizard". In these lyrics, Jim's expressive manifestation inspired by the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche - "I am the lizard king, I can do anything" - seemed particularly strong. This especially fit in with the place, time and situation we had found ourselves in, and with what we wanted to create. To put it plainly, we had already had the place for the club we had been forever dreaming of and we were in the process of beginning to work on the projects. However, before we came to this point...

               The great passion towards art, especially towards music was passed down generation to generation in our family from the beginning of time. Yes, yes - family, because Lizard King is a family fruit born from emotions, commitment, experience, dedication and many others - also genetic ingredients.

               Our musical preferences revolved mainly around rock, blues and jazz music in many variants of these genres. However, we were always open and interested in any sounds and melodies.

               The Doors with Jim Morrison was definitely a band, which particularly influenced us in our musical experiences (and not only), but it was surely not the only one. However, Jim Morrison's poetry and character, and the mysticism surrounding him and the band was so strong, that at the moment of going about creating the music club, it was this that more or less subconsciously inspired us.        

               The idea for creating a rock'n'roll club came about a long time ago - no one remembers exactly when it was. For many years it lived in our minds, but more like a dream, than a specific, realistic plan. The source of this concept arising - as we have already mentioned, was a love for music, art, but also life experience gained in travelling, in various artistic activities, as well as in work connected with the gastronomic industry.

                This is a very brief summary of the origin of the music clubs and restaurants Lizard King came into being - a place where you can not only sit down for coffee, a drink or beer, listen to good music, and have something good to eat, but above all, a place where you can participate in great concerts. Because it's the live music of genres widely understood as blues, rock or jazz that is the main attraction of the Lizard King clubs.

                 The first Lizard King music club began its activity in Poznań at the beginning of 2002, in the summer of 2005 Lizard King in Łódź was established, and in 2007 a great "lizard" entrance was made and the doors to the club were opened in Kraków, Bydgoszcz and Toruń. And we will not stop there!

     In the name of rock'n'roll!

      … because the lizard king can do anything ;-)…

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